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Our Rental Policies & Procedures


By booking this property you agree that you have fully read and will follow all house rules, terms, policies, and conditions. By booking you also agree to automatically comply to the immediate termination of your reservation if you or any of your party breaks any rules, terms, policies, and conditions without reimbursement.

At check-in we will visually verify cardholder’s passport or government issued ID and payment card processed at the time of booking.  The credit card holder MUST BE present at check-in.  We will need to the following pieces of information:

• The last 4 digits match the card processed at the time of booking
• The card network symbol matches the card processed at the time of booking (Visa, MasterCard, Discover)
• The name on the card matches the ID that was provided at check-in
• Require cardholder’s signature on vouchers/invoices
• Require cardholder’s signature to confirm in-person receipt of our policies
• As proof of stay, we will take a picture of cardholder at front door of property showing the unit number.

Please let us know if you are booking for someone else. We reserve the right to cancel without refund if you do not let us know that you are booking for someone else.

AIRBNB bookings will ONLY have to present passport or goverment issued ID

In consideration of the monies received and mutual promises, the owner of the Rental (Property), through its agent, Go Punta Cana Vacations/Go Punta Cana Real Estate (GPCV/GPCRE), agrees to rent to the Renter the Property, under the following terms and conditions:

RESERVATIONS: can be made online, or by calling our reservations desk during regular office hours. Online booking requires the acceptance of terms and conditions and valid credit card information. Rentals require 50% Advance Payment for reservations made 31 days or more prior to the arrival date or 100% payment for reservations made within 30 days of the arrival date.  All reservations are confirmed upon receipt of a deposit. Availability changes constantly, therefore we are cannot guarantee an available date with a verbal “Hold”. Requested dates are not secured until the deposit has been received by on-line credit card processing and renter has received confirmation. A guest may secure a rental date previously requested by another guest if payment of the required rental deposit was received prior to receipt of the rental deposit from the guest originally requesting the date.  Please call or email to confirm open dates. This website does not always reflect accurate availability.  We strongly recommend securing your available date with our secure on-line credit card processing (VISA, MasterCard, Discover only). This is the best way to ensure that another guest does not reserve the same date you requested. We will e-mail credit card processing information to you upon request. You will be linked to a secure website that will process your information.

PAYMENTS AND BALANCE DUE: The total rental Amount is due at time of booking on reservations made within 30 days of the arrival date. An advance payment of 50% is due at time of booking on reservations made 31 days or more prior to the arrival date and 2nd payment balance is due 30 days prior to the arrival date. GPCV/GPCRE shall have the right, without further notification, to deem the reservation cancelled without refund of advance payments if the final payment is not received when due.

ACCIDENTAL RENTAL DAMAGE INSURANCE (ARDI): is included in every rental in lieu of a security deposit. ARDI will protect you for up to US$3,000.00 in damage, inadvertent acts or omissions during the duration of your stay.  Renter must immediately notify GPCV/GPCRE of damages during your occupancy or the insurance coverage will be void and you will be responsible for damages. The ARDI contains restrictions, exclusions and limitations that may apply. ARDI plan does not cover negligent acts or willful misconduct.

ELECTRICITY DEPOSIT:  Will be charged to your credit card 30 days prior to arrival.  Renter agrees to pay for electricity consumption at the end of rental term.  Meter will be read upon arrival and prior to departure.  Electricity consumption will be deducted from electricity deposit.  Refund will be processed within 48 hours after check-out.

Booking.com bookings includes electricity fee as part of charges, so there is no deposit required.  


RENTALS 30 DAYS OR LESS:  We require an ELECTRICITY DEPOSIT of US$20 PER NIGHT for 1 & 2 BDR CONDOS, US$30 PER NIGHT for 3 BDR CONDOS. The electricity meter will be read at check-in and check-out.  The meter can be self-monitored daily.  You will be charged at the current rate and deducted from the deposit. Refunds will be processed within 48 hours after check-out.

RENTALS MORE THAN 30 DAYS: We require an ELECTRICITY DEPOSIT of US$500 PER BOOKING for 1 & 2 BDR CONDOS, US$750 PER BOOKING for 3 BDR CONDOS.  Every 30 days we will read the meter and collect payment for the consumption.  The meter can be self-monitored daily.  The deposit will be held until check-out when we do the final meter reading of the last 30 days. We will collect the LAST payment from the deposit.  Refunds will be processed within 48 hours after check-out.

ADVANCE RENT PAYMENTS, SECURITY DEPOSITS AND BALANCES: All payments are deposited into the GPCRE account at Banco Popular, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Non-refundable reservation fees and insurance may be disbursed upon receipt. The disbursal of advance rent payment may be made upon the rental arrival date or a material breach of this Agreement.

TRANSFERS: Renter may transfer from one week to another within the same Property only within the same calendar year subject to availability. All requests for transfers must be made in writing and received by GPCV/GPCRE, at least 60 days prior to arrival date. There will be a $150.00 transfer fee plus additional rent charges for transfer to a higher rate season. No refund will be paid if moving to a lower rate season.

INSPECTIONS: GPCV/GPCRE has the right to inspect the premises without prior notice at any time to enforce the terms of this agreement. Should the Tenants violate any of the terms of this agreement, the rental period shall be terminated immediately. The Tenants waive all rights to process if they fail to vacate the premises upon termination of the rental period. The Tenants shall vacate the premises at the expiration time and date of this agreement.


SMOKING: No smoking is permitted in any GPCV/GPCRE Property.  Evidence of smoking or remains of smoking materials anywhere on the property will result in forfeiture of ANY deposit paid to us or US$500 cleaning charge.

MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY:  Overcrowding beyond the occupancy limit specified for the Property including children, may not be exceeded. Renters will be subject to eviction, loss of any security deposit, additional cleaning charges, and entire rental payment if over-occupancy occurs.  Without written permission from the host, no other persons shall occupy the apartment at any time, except those registered at booking.  Please make sure that all guests are registered prior to check-in.  You agree to pay US$50/day for each unregistered guest who is at the apartment for any amount of time. 

FURNISHINGS AND EQUIPMENT:  Properties are individually decorated. Décor reflects the taste of the owner and varies widely. Homes are equipped with dishes, cookware, flatware, glasses, and basic appliances. Bed linens and towels are provided. Please be sure to pack any specialty items that you may require during your stay. Please contact GPCV/GPCRE if you would like assistance with making any special arrangements.

LINENS & SUNDRIES:  Linens are provided for use on the premises. Towels, blankets, sheets and other linens are not for use at the beach. Beach towels are provided and need to be returned to the property.  There is a US$30 charge per beach towel that is missing at check out time.

CLEANING:  There will be a mandatory exit cleaning fee included in your charges. This covers cleaning, inventory and bed making following your departure.  If circumstances require more than 4 hours to clean, the additional time at a rate of $25/hour will be charged. If a guest has willingly left the rental unit in such condition requiring more than 5 hours to prepare for the next arriving guest or has damaged, stained, or taken “House Property” and the next arriving guest cannot be accommodated as scheduled, the departing guest will be held responsible for all costs incurred to accommodate the new arrival with appropriate alternate accommodations and all cleaning/repair costs.  To ensure that all costs are kept to a minimum, the following items should be attended to prior to departure:
 Trash must be taken to designated area. Wash all dishes in the sink and return to the cabinets.
 Replace all furniture to original locations.
Bed linens and towels are provided. All used linens should be gathered and placed near the washing machine. Any washed laundry that has been dried shall be folded and left on the appropriate beds. Housekeeping will complete the wash and make all beds.
Attend to any stains on bedspreads, mattress covers, carpets or upholstery when they occur.

POOLS:  Renter agrees to be solely responsible for the use of swimming pools.  No glass or glass containers are permitted in pools.  Pool rules and hours of operation are to be followed and respected as posted in the swimming pool area. Quiet hour starts at 10 PM so outdoor noise should be kept to a minimum. It is the renter’s responsibility to learn about safety precautions, warning signs of water conditions, and safety procedures concerning swimming in or being around the pool. Renter agrees to have a responsible adult supervising minors while they swim in the pool. Renter is hereby notified that the pool can be dangerous, and renter accepts fully the risks involved. Renter is further notified to be cautious when exiting the condo complex as the pool is open and in close proximity to the entryways and can be a hazard. There are no rails to prevent a fall into the pool.

TELEPHONE & WI-FI INTERNET USAGE:  We do not provide phone service.  It is expected that you will bring your own phone.
  High speed wireless internet is provided as a convinience only and is not integral to the agreement. No refund of rents shall be given for outages, content, lack of content, speed, access problems, lack of knowledge of use, or personal preferences with regard to internet service.

CONDITION OF PROPERTY: All equipment in the Property should be in good working order. Please report any inoperative equipment to our office immediately. Every reasonable effort will be made to promptly repair inoperative equipment. No refunds will be made for inconveniences resulting from inoperative air conditioners, appliances or mechanical failure. If a condition occurs that affects the habitability of the Property, GPCV/GPCRE will make its best efforts to relocate Renter to another available rental property. If another rental property is not available to relocate Renter, then GPCV/GPCRE will refund any unused days of the rental period.

DESCRIPTIONS AND RATINGS: Every rental property is rated according to condition and amenities to help with your selection. See Rental Property Rating. Every effort has been made to ensure that property ratings, descriptions, and distances to area attractions: golf, beach, and water access are accurate; however, GPCV/GPCRE is not responsible for changes made to furnishings or equipment, or errors in descriptions.

ITEMS LEFT BEHIND: GPCV/GPCRE is not responsible for articles lost, stolen or left behind in homes. Please double-check for personal items prior to your departure. There is a US$100 return item fee to cover the cost of mailing and shipping of left behind items.  GPCV/GPCRE shall not be held liable for condition of said items.  If items are not claimed within 60 days, they shall become the property of GPCV/GPCRE.

LOCKOFFS: Please respect these locked closets, cabinets, or rooms. They are NOT INCLUDED as part of your rental.

RESTRICTIONS: Renters are required to abide by rules and regulations for the property in which they stay. A guest services guide is located in the property and includes applicable rules and regulations along with guidelines for the rental property use, check-out procedures, emergency numbers, and other pertinent information. Renters expressly acknowledge and agree that this Agreement is for transient occupancy of the Property, and that Renters do not intend to make the property a residence or household.

CHECK-IN: Arrival check-in is 4 PM on the arrival date. If you are unable to check-in before our offices close, please email us for late arrival instructions. You will be provided directions to the Property, key code or keys upon arrival and payment in full. In extreme situations check-in time may need to be extended for cleaning and maintenance.

CHECK-OUT: Check-out time is 10 AM on the date of departure. Please observe this rule as housekeeping staff needs time to prepare the Property for the next guests. RENTER MAY BE CHARGED UP TO ONE (1) ADDITIONAL NIGHT RENTAL IF PROPERTY IS OCCUPIED AFTER CHECK-OUT TIME.  Upon leaving, please secure all windows and doors, wash dishes, and clean out the refrigerator. Trash should be placed in either the location designated in the guest services guide. Leave used beds unmade. Renter is responsible for leaving the Property in a like arrival condition upon departure. If your rental requires extra cleaning because it is left in a condition unlike arrival, you may be charged an additional cleaning fee.  Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate early check-in or late check-out requests during the high season between December 1st and April 30th. Housekeeping personnel will arrive shortly after your scheduled departure and require all the time available to prepare the unit for the next guest(s).

LATE CHECK-OUT: In case the renter(s) need to stay longer than 10 am on check-out date, notice should be given to the GPCRE at least 48 hours in advance.  $30 will be charged for 1-hour late check-out, $50 for 2 hours late check-out, $10 per minute after 12PM.

DAMAGE AND ADDITIONAL CHARGES: Damages occurring during the occupancy, including lost keys, electric gate remote, and TV remote controls are the Renter’s responsibility and must be reported to GPCRE immediately. Two (2) key sets will be issued at check-in. There is a charge of US$100.00 for lost keys, US$100 per electric gate remote charge, US$30 per beach towel, for each item not returned. If the cost of the damage repair or replacement is undeterminable by the time of departure, the Renter shall remain responsible for such costs, exceeding the amount covered under ARDI and agrees to pay GPCV/GPCRE promptly. 


REPAIRS: Access for the repair or replacement of fixtures, appliances, furnishings and equipment may be made by GPCV/GPCRE during the rental period.  We will always request permission before entering the unit. 

ILLEGAL ACTIVITY: Tenant shall use the property for legal purposes only and other use, such as but not limited to, illegal drug use, abuse of any person, harboring fugitives, etc; shall cause termination of this agreement with no refund of rents or deposits.

LIMITATIONS OF REMEDIES, DAMAGES AND INDEMNITY: a) In the event of fire, eminent domain, act of nature, delay in maintenance, or any other reason whatsoever, Renter agrees that GPCV/GPCRE or Owner’s sole liability as a result of any such condition is a refund of the prorated rental for each day Renter is unable to use the property. b) Renter understands that there are inherent risks associated with any property, including risks associated with the use of pool, hot tub, whirlpool, sauna, grills, etc. Renter represents and certifies that he/she is thoroughly familiar with the proper use of the Property, including any appurtenances, fixtures and equipment in and upon the premises. Renter shall be responsible for Renter’s guests and group members. Renter agrees to release and indemnify the Owner and GPCV/GPCRE from and against all liability or loss should anyone be injured upon the premises during the rental period resulting from any cause whatsoever, except in the case of a personal injury caused by the negligent act of the Owner. Renter further agrees that Renter is responsible and liable for, and will pay upon request any damages that occur to the Property or any portion thereof due to Renter’s or his/her guest’s misuse, or negligent use of the Property or any portion thereof. c) Renter shall not be entitled to any refund or rebate due to delay in check-in, early check-out, unfavorable weather, temporary disruption of utility services, malfunctioning or dissatisfaction with equipment, appliances, furnishings or condition of property, construction and associated noise. d) Renter agrees to hold Owner and GPCV/GPCRE harmless of any liability for injury or damage resulting from accident, injury, or loss of enjoyment resulting from weather, inoperable appliances, or equipment.  e) Renter expressly recognize that any insurance for property damage or loss that the Owner may maintain on the property does not cover the personal property of Renters, and that Renters should purchase their own insurance for Renters and Guests if such coverage is desired. f) Renters agree to pay all reasonable costs, attorney’s fees and expenses that shall be made or incurred by Landlord enforcing this agreement.

TERMINATION: If Renter or any member of his/her rental group violates the terms of this Agreement, then GPCV/GPCRE may, at its sole discretion, terminate this Agreement with no refund of the unused portion of rent and may enter the premises and remove Renter, the members of his/her group and their belongings. A material breach of this Agreement shall include, but is not limited to the carless and reckless use of the Property.

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