We would first like to express our gratitude to all of you. Our friends, family, guests, and valued clients have all helped to make Go Punta Real Estate & Go Punta Vacations the success it is today. We cannot thank you enough.

It is with a warm heart, that we bring to your attention a matter that hits very close to home. So many in the Dominican Republic live and die by tourism. The industries that get hit during a crisis such as COVID-19 are not limited to the resort & hospitality sector. Attractions, shopping, restaurants, many more in the service industry, health & wellness, transportation, manufacturing, agriculture and more all interconnect on this island – and many local families have fallen under extremely difficult times. Despite the positivity of this current crisis nearing an end, it will take a long time for many on this island to recover from the after effects of such a world-wide shut-down.

As such, we at Go Punta Cana Real Estate & Go Punta Cana Vacations, have decided to create this fund raising campaign with 100% of donations going directly to our local community. Through our alliances with food drives and economic relief organizations, we aim to make an impact for those who rely so heavily on the outside world.

Go Punta Cana Real Estate is an esteemed full-service agency in the Dominican Republic, having had wide exposure on HGTV, and many other media outlets, we hope our impact in the local community can be a substantial and positive one.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for any help you are able to provide to those in need here during such unprecedented times. Let’s all get back to doing what we love.