Renting Your Property in the Dominican Republic

Why people buy Dominican Republic Real Estate?

  • Rental Income
  • Vacation/Holiday Property
  • Relocation

We understand that for many potential clients, purchasing real estate in the Dominican Republic is more of an investment than a permanent home.  Investors look for properties with high rental incomes that will pay for themselves through short and long terms rentals.  At minimum, rental income is a way to offset costs associated with the property when they are not in being used by absentee owners.

Properties rent very well in the area.  Short term rentals are better during high season (October-May) and long term rentals are steady year round. Yearly occupancy rates of 70 to 80%% and annual rental yields of 6% to 8% can be expected. This does not include the strong appreciation rates that are being enjoyed in the area which can surpass 10-15% annually.  Location, size and condition are the main factors in determining potential rental income of the units. 

Most residential developments have on-site rental management companies that cater to absentee owners.  If you buy a property that does not provide this service, we can provide property and rental management for short term/vacation rentals.  Please contact us and we can provide information about how our rental program works.  

Some general monthly costs associated with operating a rental property:

  • Condo Association Fees 
    • US$1-US$2 per m2 (US$65-US$400) Depending on the property
      • Condo Fees May Include
        • Common area maintenance
        • Landscaping
        • Security
        • Garbage pick-up
        • Water
        • Wi-Fi Internet 
        • Propane/natural gas
        • Common area electricity
        • Pool Maintenance 
  • Utilities
    • You may be responsible for paying your utilities separately.
      • Electricity - $25-$300/month (we charge rental tenants for electricity)
      • Cable TV - $25/month
      • Internet - $30-$50/month
  • Costs associated with replacing appliances, dishes, towels, bedding, etc.
  • Property Management 
    • 10-15%% of monthly rent 
      • Property management services include:
        • Rental collection
        • Wire transfer funds to property owner
        • Maintenance Fees Paid
        • Mortgage payments, if any, can be done for the property owner 
        • Appliances – if under warranty maintenance and replacement service calls
  • Rental Management Commission
    • 12 month lease - 1 months rent
    • 6 month lease - 1/2 months rent
    • Short Term daily/weekly/monthly- 35% to 50% of daily or weekly income
  • We advise that you advertise on the different rental sites like at a yearly cost of $329.
  • We advertise your property on our own rental site
  • We create the rental sites on
  • We manage all correspondence with potential tenants and manage the calendar
  • We do the check in and check out of the guests which is often during the weekends and evenings
  • We make sure that your property is taken care of and cleaned before and after use
  • We will take care of repairs if necessary
  • We will pay your bills (Cable TV, electricity, gas, internet)