How We Can Help You Find Dominican Republic Real Estate

Buying real estate in a foreign country can be challenge, especially if you are working with people that may not understand your needs.  Frustrated?  Don't be!  We are here to help you!  We are Dominicans and North Americans who have traveled down this road not only for ourselves, but for many other clients as well. We understand what your needs are, because we've had the same ones.  The secret to our success is combining Dominican hospitality and local knowledge along with North American standards of doing business.  We will provide honest and straightforward assistance.  We will provide you with the necessary tools to ensure any property you purchase is safe, a good investment, and will work now and for many years to come.  All this in a timely and organized fashion which will provide you with familiarity and peace of mind.


The main areas in which we can help you are:

    We are always looking for the best properties in the Dominican Republic.  It is our job to find the right one for you - for investment/rental income, vacation/holiday home or if you decide to make a permanent move or retire in our beautiful island.  We have over 20 years of combined real estate experience in the Dominican Republic and North America.  We have the experience, contacts, local know how and ability to work with you to find the right property for you, at a reasonable price and with numbers that make sense.

    We limit our portfolio of properties to only offer the best of the best on the market.  Our properties have the following in common

    • Location, Location, Location
    • Best Prices Per M2/SF
    • Highest Rental Income Potential
    • Highest Rate Of Appreciation Potential
    • Reputable and Reliable Developers
    • Reputable and Reliable Property and Rental Management Companies
    We have several local and international lenders that can provide you with the best product for your needs.  Mortgages, lot loans and home construction financing are available to help you achieve your dream of owning a home in the Dominican Republic.  We will follow up with your mortgage application to ensure is processed on-time by the bank.  Presenting your details to the lender and providing all the correct documentation can be crucial to the success of a mortgage application in the Dominican Republic.
    Through our network of local professionals, we have several attorneys and accountants that we can recommend and provide you with contact information.  They can offer advise on taxes, residency, and the real estate buying process.  The firms have an excellent reputation in assisting foreign companies and individuals seeking legal counsel for investment in the Dominican RepublicIf you decide to venture on your own, be certain of your attorney's or accountant's competence, reputation, expertise and experience.
    Our network of travel partners from USA, Canada, Puerto Rico and Europe offer discounted all-inclusive packages to our prospective buyers that wish to travel to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  In addition, we have negotiated with MOST local developers the best possible incentives and buying conditions including UP TO US$4,000 payable at closing. 
    We understand that for many potential clients, purchasing real estate in the Dominican Republic is more of an investment than a permanent home.  Most residential developments have on-site rental management companies that cater to absentee owners. If you buy a property that does not provide this service, then there are several reputable property and rental management companies in the area. We will be happy to share this information with you and put you in contact with them, as well as provide information about how their programs work.                                                     

In summary, we help you every step of the way.  We understand that our clients rely on our knowledge of the local real estate market when it comes time to decide where to invest.  Our success is built upon the trust of our clients, hard work, continued reinvestment in the company and in particular our after-sales service.  This is why managing a limited portfolio of properties is important.  It allows us to develop long term relationships with the property owners and developers of the area which translates to best prices, best buying conditions and the highest customer service for our investors.

You can look forward to exceptional service from La Costa Destinations International Realty.  We look forward to having you as our neighbors.