HELIDOSA Aero Ambulancia - Air Ambulance Emergency 809 826 4666


Aeroambulancia is the first and only company in Dominican Republic, which offers the most complete and modern air ambulance service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the entire year.

When minutes count, it is very important to receive inmediate attention in a safe and trustworthy way. Aeroambulancia will be by your side offering the most qualified assistance for you and your family.

Our compromise is to provide excellent service and to be your best allie when a medical emergency comes up. We believe that the difference between life and death of a patient depends on how fast you receive assistance and are transported adequately to a level 1 trauma center, close by.

Rural areas of the Dominican Republic lack of optimum health centers to take care of patients with severe traumas caused by accidents or critical medical conditions; this is why Aeroambulancia offers quick access through the best medical attention possible.

Our membership program is based on an annual payment that allows members to access our services without any additional cost. This means, helicopter transportation, medical attention at the accident or emergency scene and on board until we get to the medical center, are all inclusive.

Aeroambulancia has a crew of equipped helicopters with everything that you need for intensive care and for the attention of the medical crew and medics that are highly qualified to manage health issues in critical conditions.